Why Dr Finlay's? 

We offer a convenient online booking portal which can offer you the time and location that is right for you. Our friendly staff can usually see you on the same day and offer all the services a student may need in a timely fashion. We offer both male and female doctors who understand your needs, with practical advice sick notes and mental health support. 
Who delivers the service? 
You can book online through our website on call us to arrange your consultation. A new patient appointment is minimum 20 mins and you will be sent a questionnaire prior to your appointment. 

Case Study / Testimony 

Alicia came to the clinic with suspected tonsillitis. She had been run down and had an impending deadline. She booked online and was seen the same day. She was assessed by the doctor who identified her condition and prescribed medication which was dispensed on site so she didn’t need to go elsewhere. During the consultation it became clear that she also had pressure in her personal and family and she was offered input from our in-house Psychologist to help process this. She was also advised on nutrition and stress management. A letter for the university was issued advising to extend the deadline in order to allow more time for her to recover. 
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