Why Dr Finlay's? 

We offer confidential and convenient same day access for all your health needs. We aim to provide you with a one stop shop for physical, mental social and spiritual health. When you are working in a highly competitive environment you need to be at the top of your game. Staying there without burning out is essential and our expertise in stress management, lifestyle integration and burnout recovery includes proactive steps to bring equilibrium and promote strength, confidence and wellbeing. 
Dr Ben Sinclair has personal experience of burnout and post viral fatigue during medical training and has been working with the corporate sector and honed his team to prevent burnout for over 15 years. This has given him a keen insight and understanding of the day to day problems that come with working through this and enabled him to create a programme that makes real difference. 

How it works 

A new patient appointment is minimum 30 mins on video or in person and you will be sent a questionnaire prior to your appointment. You will be guided through an integrated assessment will help identify strengths and vulnerabilities in your coping strategy. We will then work together on a plan seeking solutions to the highlighted factors that affect you. Referrals to psychologists, business coaches and nutritionists are available if needed. 

Case Study / Testimony 

Doug works in finance at a thriving M&A department. Nearing the end of the financial year he was furiously working to a deadline when he notices some discomfort and dizziness whilst sat at his desk and before he knew it, he had collapsed in the office. Our doctor attended his office and checked him over. He was advised to take the day off and come to the clinic for a burnout review. Doug had previously had a corporate medical a few months prior which had not picked up he was under significant stress. At his integrated health review with our clinician, key factors were identified which had led to his stress related collapse. The doctor also identified some issues from his childhood which he was unaware were impacting his current health. An action plan was agreed including some work on improving his lifestyle, diet and nutrition for optimum performance, and he was encouraged to consider reviewing his childhood issues with the psychologist when ready. 
Medication was not required; however, he did choose to take some nutritional supplements. He made use of the life coach to improve his assertiveness at work and to learn how to better utilise his strengths. 3 months later he reported vast improvement in his stress levels, sleep and energy, and was able to sail through his next deal with minimum impact on his work and home life. He decided to book his next medical through Dr Finlay's in order to continue the work he had started as he discovered burnout prevention was part of the health check. 
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