Why Dr Finlay's Long COVID Clinic? 

You will be taken seriously!  
Too many patients are dismissed when presenting with symptoms after COVID infection and this may be because their clinicians don't have personal experience of the horrible symptoms of Long COVID and have too little time to begin to deal with it. Relatives and friends may not understand what you are going through, but help is at hand; we want to understand how you are affected and will listen to your story. 
If you have hit a wall, drawn a blank or are exhausted looking for help with Long COVID we offer confidential and convenient online access for all your Long COVID health needs. We aim to provide you with a one stop shop for physical, mental, social and spiritual health. If you are working, caring or parenting you need to be able to survive and begin to thrive again. Halting the decline is essential and our expertise in sleep, energy, nutrition, stress management, lifestyle integration and recovery includes proactive steps to bring equilibrium and promote hope, strength, confidence and wellbeing. 
Long COVID is described as symptoms lasting more than 4 weeks after COVID19 infection. 
Post Covid Syndrome (PCS) the new medical name for a wide range of intrusive symptoms suffered for longer than 12 weeks after COVID19 infection. 
These symptoms can be mild and irritating or may often be intrusive severe and long lived enough to impact your survival in daily life, employment, relationships and physical / spiritual / mental health. 
Dr Sinclair leads the team and has personal experience of post viral fatigue and CFS after Shingles during his A-levels. He fought back and 3 years later against the odds started Medical School at Leeds University. He pursued a carreer in General Practice both in the NHS and private practice, developing interests in Mens Heath, Chronic Fatigue, Medically Unexplained Symptoms and Chronic Pain. Unfortunately despite following procedure, PPE and being a fit and healthy young man, he contracted COVID19 while providing medical services in prisons during an outbreak. He suffered mild initial symptoms but had the terrible experience of multiple Long COVID / PCS symptoms as a result. 
With extensive experience in providing personal Physician services and a broad functional medicine approach, Dr Finlay's is well placed to help you navigate the complex landscape of Long COVID / PCS, working alongside the NHS or independently as guided by your preferences. 
Dr Ben Sinclair has personal experience of Chronic Fatigue during medical training and more recently had Long COVID. His team has been working in private practice since 2009 and honed skills to prevent and recover from medically unexplained conditions. This personal provenance gives keen insight and understanding of the day to day problems that come with working through Long COVID and has enabled the team to support recovery and make real difference. 
We aim to conveniently support you to rule out serious causes of other undiagnosed subclinical conditions, working together to manage symptoms and create tailored treatment plans for your own recovery, gleaned from Dr Sinclairs personal approach to stabilisation and recovery through Long COVID and PCS, alongside offering the most relevant tests, therapy, referrals and knowledge base 

How it works 

Please call us to book in or use our onilne booking system if you are ok with screen use. A new patient appointment lasts minimum 30 minutes with your Doctor via video or by telephone; you will be sent a questionnaire to complete prior to your appointment. You will have time to discuss your concerns and questions and be guided through an integrated assessment to help identify needs, risks and solutions. We will then work together on a plan seeking treatment of the factors affecting you. Long COVID/ PCS is a unique and personalised condition so not all of us have the same symptoms.  
Lab Tests, examinations and Referrals to hospital specialists, our in house Clinical Psychologist, Nutritionist, Physio and other associated practitioners are available if needed. 
"Very personable and easy to talk to. Really helps that Dr Ben Sinclair has also been living with long covid. Has provided me with a plan to work on and will be checking in again with him in a few weeks time. Many thanks". 
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If you are in the resting phase of recovery you may want to try this gentle Yoga practise when you feel more able to exert yourself; but remember take it very slowly and gently and wait a few days to see what effect it has. Yoga and Pilates and Tai Chi have excellent autonomic effects and respiratory improvement which can help long haulers.. 
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