Why Dr Finlay's? 

Our doctors are experts in their field with at least 10 years training post qualification, and are hand-picked for their excellent communication and intuitive consultation style. 
We operate an integrated health model in which we seek to deal with the root cause of physical, mental, social and spiritual symptoms while using the latest technology to screen for disease. We place a strong emphasis on prevention, nutrition and lifestyle as we find these areas reap great rewards for future health. We aim to provide a relaxed and friendly environment to create trust as we guide you on your health journey. 
Who delivers the service? 
Each of our team has special interest areas - please click to find out more and choose your personal Doctor. 
What can I expect? 
Your new patient consultation lasts a minimum of 20 minutes to allow your preferred Doctor to get to know you and yor medical history. You will provide information before the consultation then have time to gain a full assessment and plan a way forward. If you need more time you can extend the appointment. Your Doctor will discuss the options available in a well rounded analysis to help you identify and treat the root cause of your health problem. 
"Excellent professional service. I was finding it difficult to get feedback from the NHS in order to resolve ongoing medical concerns. I emailed Dr Finlay's Private Practice and was seen very quickly by Dr Sinclair. During the consultation Dr Sinclair established a clear plan and a way forward to resolve the concerns. The communication has been clear and concise and I would recommend the service to anyone experiencing significant delays via the NHS or struggling to get feedback when tests are conducted. Dr Sinclair has bridged the gap between medical care and the personal interaction which has been lost within the national health service".  
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Case Study / Testimony 

Doug is works at a senior level in a thriving M&A department. 
Nearing the end of the financial year he was furiously working to a deadline when he noticed some intrusive symptoms whilst sat at his desk. He was determined to complete his task but ended up collapsing in the office. Our doctor attended the office and checked him over, ruled out serious complications and advised he take the day off and come to the clinic for a burnout review. Doug had his annual corporate medical a few months prior which had not picked up and dealt with the fact that he was under significant stress. 
At his integrated health review, key factors were identified which had led to his stress related collapse. These were discussed in detail, including some childhood experiences which he was unaware were impacting his current health. An action plan was agreed including work on improving his lifestyle, diet and nutrition for optimum performance and rebalancing his time. He was encouraged to consider reviewing his childhood issues with the psychologist when he felt ready. 
Medication was not required; however, he did start nutritional supplements, to support better energy and adopted a healtheir lifestyle. He made use of the life coach to improve his assertiveness at work and to learn how to better utilise his positive character strengths. 
3 months later he reported vast improvement in his stress levels, sleep and energy, and was able to sail through his next deal with minimum impact on his work and home life. 
He decided to book his next annual medical through Dr Finlay's because he realised burnout prevention was part of the health check service. 
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