Why Dr Finlay's Can Help with Menopause 

See a Specialist Menopause Doctor Online via video consultation. Our online specialist Menopause consultations offer you an expert at your fingertips from the comfort of your home to review all your health concerns. Your personal experience of the menopause is unique to you and our experienced team have developed their skills to be able to identify and treat the key aspects you need to address to feel more like yourself again. 
Our Clinicians have practised for many years honing an interest in women’s health and menopause. Our Clinicians will journey with you through your experience of the menopause, explaining your treatment options, including lifestyle and HRT, empowering you to live life to the full and overcome this challenging time of your life.  

Menopause Consultation 

The first step is an initial consultation. Time is allowed for you to get to know your Doctor and discuss the effects menopause is having on you. During your consultation your Doctor will review your history and the key symptoms that impact you. You will then create an action plan together to manage your symptoms going forwards alongside options for tests, lifestyle change, medication and referrals to other specialists such as Psychologist or Nutritionist. A follow up appointment will be booked to review any test results and treatments will be evaluated once they have had time to take effect. We advise reviews with our Doctors to ensure your goals are being met safely and sustainably. 
Menopause FAQs 
1. Does HRT cause weight gain? 
No there is a natural increase in body weight around this time of life but HRT neither 
makes this worse or better. However if HRT makes you feel better and have more 
energy you are more likely to be able to spend time on yourself and your lifestyle. 
2. What should I look for to diagnose the menopause? 
The menopause is officially 1 yr after your last natural period (or 2 yrs if you are under 
50yrs). However the time up to this is the perimenopause and often the worst time. 
Every women's journey and experience is unique. The rollercoaster can include, 
tiredness, palpitations, poor concentration, forgetfulness, low mood, sexual problems, 
increased need to go to the toilet especially at night, dry eyes mouth skin, joint aches, 
hot flushes or flashes, increased migraines 
3.How can I help myself? 
Limit caffeine alcohol and spicy foods as they can aggravate flushes. Eat a good diet 
including fruit and veg, maintain a good vitamin D intake for your bones. Regular exercise 
preferably weight bearing to protect from osteoporosis 
4. The oral contraceptive pill didn’t suit me so will HRT give me side effects? 
Unlikely as HRT is a low dose matched to your naturally occurring hormones. The 
contraceptive pill is high dose manmade oestrogen and progestogen to block your 
ovarian function. 
5. I have migraines ,is HRT safe for me? 
Yes absolutely as migraines often get worse at this time of life so HRT can help this also 
6, HRT causes breast cancer? 
Not for all HRT types, overall there is a small increase in numbers of breast cancers but 
not deaths. Obesity ,smoking and alcohol excess are far bigger risks than HRT. Remember 
that HRT reduces risk of strokes, diabetes, dementia and heart attacks. 
7. HRT just delays my menopause. 
No it doesn’t affect the background menopause process. Many women get menopause 
symptoms for years after their periods stopping 
8, HRT is unnatural. 
The modern HRT preparations are body identical and safe. Beware of clinics offering 
bioidentical preparations as they are not evidence based and very expensive . Is treating 
pain, blood pressure ,taking contraception or having cancer treatment unnatural? 
HRT just continues the hormonal balance women have benefitted from during their 
reproductive years 
9.Is HRT contraception? 
Not on its own no, but if you use the intrauterine system then yes that gives you very 
safe 5 yr contraception 
10. When is it best to start HRT ? 
As soon as you start to feel symptoms. See a GP with a special interest to discuss your 
options. Generally blood tests are not needed, we are guided by you and how you feel. 
It is considered safe to start up to 10 years after your last period. 

Case Study / Testimony 

Olivia, 50, was busy working from home when she became aware of the first signs of menopause. Alongside poor memory and hot flushes she had been experiencing extreme sweating at night and noticed unusual anxiety creeping in. Olivia contacted Dr Finlay's and had an initial consultation online with our specialist menopause Doctor. After detailed discussion and review the doctor decided to place Olivia on a course of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT. After only a few weeks Olivia reported a reduction in all menopausal symptoms as well as increased energy levels and improved mental health. She acted on lifestyle and nutritional advice and reported continued improvement upon her review a few months later. She says she couldnt do without HRT now its made such a positive difference to her life. 
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