UK Coronavirus Update - latest facts from the frontline 
Sadly deaths from Covid19 are rapidly escalating in the UK and around the world despite the best efforts of committed healthcare staff and it’s likely that in the UK will experience a significant peak of infections and consequent deaths in the next few weeks; we hope that in around 6 weeks the peak may have reduced but modelling is conflicted and this may last 3 months or be strung out. 
Currently unless you are a key worker you should be at home, only leaving to get exercise, medication or food or to seek medical assistance.  
Health workers are currently at great risk due to a lack of coordination, poor distribution of PPE and conflicting guidance about how to proceed as the country as a whole has not taken the threat from the virus seriously early on and we are playing catchup. 
Elderly family members or those with immune, respiratory or chronic health conditions are at great risk of severe infection and should be shileded at the moment by avoiding contact with anyone unshielded for 12 weeks. Childen seem to waether this well and a small proportion of people will have no symptoms at all but can spread the virus. Women seem less affected than men; pregnant women are in a high risk group in later pregnancy but the royal college reassured doctors that this was precautionary and that there has been no evidence of transmission to unborn children. 
The high virulence of the infection is now clear ,especially as it can be spread before symptoms appear- our Prime Minister and Health Minister have both declared suspected covid19 and even the heir to the throne Prince Charles has been identified as a case. Presumably this is due to social mixing - cetainly in the houses of parliament MPs were not adequately social distancing and thus many have been exposed.  
Viral Shedding ie when you release the virus apparently tends to be highest just before (hence spreading without knowing) and after symptoms first appear and these symptoms are variable. 
Common symptoms we have seen seem to be : 
- generally unwell 
- banging headache 
- fatigue 
- dry cough 
- skin sensivitiy 
- muscle aches and pains 
- temperature >37.8 
- diarrhoea 
- difficulty breathing (later around day 7)  
Hand washing and avoiding face contact are the mainstays of risk reduction alongside good personal hygiene and shielding for at risk groups, while social distancing for everyone else. 
If you think you are infected or others are at risk contact the 111 service dedicated for Coronavirus: 
How to Optimise Your Immune system: 
Following a healthy fresh real food diet, stay hydrated with plenty of water, reduce alcohol and take plenty of exercise 
Consider Pro-biotics and Multivitamins to boost your nutrition and gut microbiome - email us on if you would like more information and a postal supply sent out to you 
Ensure your medical treatment of chronic diseases (e.g. asthma or diabetes) are optimised and you have enough medication for the next 2 months 
Book a video consultation to speak to a Private GP if you require medical assistance unrelated to Covid-19 (life goes on)  
Deal with stress which can suppress the immune system 
Get enough sleep (aim for around 8 hours) 
Practise keepng a journal (journalling) with an emphasis on gratitude which has proven benefits on wellbeing and therefore will reduce stress 
Share concerns with friends and family 
Deal with conflict/ problems at work and manage expectations 
Know your strengths and improve workplace wellbeing 
Take time for regular reflection, prayer/ meditation/ Yoga 
Discuss frailty of life, your philosophy and beliefs to get things in perspective -what will you change in light of current situation? 
Consider visiting forests for contemplative walks which have proven benefits to immunity and wellbeing. 
Services Available: 
Online Private Doctor Video Consultation 
Private Doctor Telephone Consultation 
Private Prescription Delivery 
Menopause Service - Birmingham City Centre 
Mental Health Service - Birmingham City Centre 
Clinical Psychologist - Birmingham City Centre  
Travel Health and Vaccinations - Birmingham City Centre 
Blood taking and Lab Tests - Birmingham City Centre 
Private GP - Birmingham City Centre 
Private Hospital Referrals - Birmingham City Centre 
Private Scans and Tests- Birmingham City Centre 
Mens Health Consultation- Birmingham City Centre 
Womens Health Consultation - Birmingham City Centre 
Optimise Health Clinic - Private GP 
Cornwall Buildings, 
45 Newhall St, 
Birmingham. B3 3QR 
0121 396 1323 
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