Happy Mothering Sunday to all who nurture and care today - you bring hope to us all! 
With the current challenges in the NHS, care sector and key workers, my thoughts and prayers are with those who are faithfully leaving home to continue shifts under extreme pressure and the threat of bringing illness home; while helping keep the country going and experiencing daily mental strain and trauma themselves. Be kind to yourselves, go to counselling take up that offer of help or therapy, keep talking and let’s gather around these faithful servants. 
Those who mother display admirable and just keep loving, hugging where possible, providing meals, help keep things clean and tidy, organising households workplaces schools and hospitals and caring for us all; mothers I salute you! 
Special prayers going up for those for whom this day is hard as mum is no longer here or it wasn’t easy in the past. Your efforts to be the best mum you can be are not wasted. 
Also a big shout out there for those who choose to be a full time mum, equally big respect for those who go out to work AND are still mum when they get home from a hard day at the office or hospital or care home and strive to keep some love in reserve for those back home close to their heart. 
Enjoy the sunshine today mum, dance, breathe, run and look around to celebrate all you have nurtured into existence. You’re amazing! Oh and the days of hugs will return. 
If this all rings true please see our other blog posts. If you would like to investigate your personal health further or feel mum or someone could do with a mental or physical health review , you can book an online video consultation with Dr Sinclair and the team who specialise in an integrated approach to health, stress and burnout management, aiming to help busy people perform better and find lifelong health and happiness. 
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