As a patient centred clinic, we believe in putting safety first, so we have taken steps for staff to limit physical contact. 
We want to protect those who are vulnerable by planning rather than panicking, so we are switching to online video consultations with online and telephone bookings. These private remote health consultations will be carried out by our team of experienced clinicians supported by next day private prescription medication via courier, online ordering of recommended nutritional supplements and of course our bespoke integrated approach to health and wellbeing across all of our specialities. 
Video consultations can be done on a smartphone, tablet or a computer with a webcam. If no video capability is present we can conduct a telephone consultation as an alternative option. 
To book a video or telephone consultation direct please click here
Click here for more information on video consultations 
Services we offer can be booked from these links: 
Private GP Consultations 10 minutes and upwards / Private Prescription with next day postal delivery / Private Referrals and investigations 
Private Menopause Clinic Consultation delivered by our GP with a special interest in Menopause 
Private Nutrition Consultations delivered by our trained GPs supported by postal delivery of multivitamins and probiotics 
Psychology Consultations these are delivered by our Clinical Psychologist to deal with in depth issues 
Stress/ Burnout Consultations we specialise in helping you review and renew your energy in all areas to be the best you can be and enjoy life to the full! 
The worldwide research on Covid-19 suggests that the most effective way to reduce spread and limit a dangerous peak in cases is to restrict movement. Please see the graph image for a visual representation of the numbers of new infections in countries studied. 
Low infection rates have been demonstrated by Singapore and Hong Kong who now have a flattenned exponential spread unlike the rest of Europe, possibly as a result of early school closures and imposed restrictions on movement and gatherings.  
We recommend you restrict non essential gatherings, travel and movement to protect those who are vulnerable now and hence offer our services ONLY BY REMOTE VIDEO UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. 
The next few weeks will see unprecedented hospitalisation and NHS and emergency services are likely to be overwhelmed. 
If you can't get to see your GP click here to book in with our team who are empowered to help you when you need it most. 
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