If you are Dog Tired or constantly Cat Napping there may be good reasons why - read on to identify how you can treat underlying health problems and gain more energy to thrive, not just survive. 
Are you tired all the time? 
As I write this we are living through probably the greatest social change and heightened uncertainty since the Second World War. 
It may be that you will shake it off and get back to your new normal; however if you have coped up to now and have a sneaking suspicion you just don't have the energy you used to enjoy, now is the time to do some if you want to thrive, not just survive. 
Dr Finlays Clinicians work on the foundations of good health to build true resilience and transform health. We base our consultations and action plans on an evidence based functional approach to your health, taking in spiritual, social, physical and mental factors impacting you and pivoting these to your advantage. We collaborate on a plan to make positive sustained improvement to your overall health and wellbeing into the future - now thats a transformational relationship with you trusted Doctor! 
Why might you be tired all the time? - a few of the hundreds of causes ... 
Low iron 
- physical root causes of low iron need identification as can include unexplained bleeding, chronic disease, cancers and blood disorders 
- low iron is common in vegetarians and vegans, people with chronic disease, gut problems, women with heavy periods or menopause or after pregnancy 
- anaemia is when your body is so lacking in iron it can't produce red blood cells and causes a risk to your whole system from low oxygenation 
Low vitamin D  
- resulting from lack of exposure to strong sunlight, poor dietary intake and poor gut health alongside greater requirements in winter and northern latitudes  
- common in people recovering from infection and COVID, physically active or with arthritis and joint problems, children and over 60's and women around pregnancy and people with chronic illness or poor immunity 
- a blood test can confirm your reserves and help your Doctor balance out your personal needs aiming for a blood level of 100. 
- if you live North of Newbury get tested! 
Inadequate Gut Microbiome / poor diet 
- the Ancient Greeks proclaimed the gut was the seat of the soul; these days research shows it produces more serotonin (happy chemicals) than your brain when optimised. If your gut is "unhappy" it becomes leaky, letting unprocessed toxins into your blood stream which can cause tiredness, low mood and brain fog. It will struggle to absorb nutrition from your food and you will feel run down. 
- if you encourage growth of bad bacteria you risk gut problems, acid, IBS and inflammation which may lead to low immunity and sometimes cancer 
- too much sugar, gluten or substances like alcohol or recreational drugs can cause gut inflammation and fatigue 
- a review of what you take into your body will help identify any unconscious habits you have adopted and offer the chance to make better choices 
- our nutrition consultations and healthchecks will start the process of improved nutrition and wellbeing 
Acute Stress 
- someone dies, your relationships breaks down, you have a life threatening accident, you lose your job unexpectedly 
- sudden unexpected change can "pull the rug out"; if we are not prepared a great fatigue can descend as we are overwhelmed 
- true resilience and our balanced lifstyle advice will improve response to unexpected acute stress 
- if not addressed acute stress generates trauma and ripples through our health untill it is addressed with therapy 
Chronic Daily Stress  
- can cause burnout and fatigue, a lack of interest in usual hobbies and activities and struggling to perform simple tasks - you are burnt out! 
- if left untreated can result in physical disease, mental health deterioration, addictions, harm to relationships and productivity 
- simple changes can turn the tide and move you towards improved mental health, little steps accumulate to a climb out of the hole and up the mountain 
- we work closely with our in house psychologist to address the roots of chronic stress and help you move on to better pastures 
Mental illness Anxiety / Depression / Unprocessed Trauma 
- with all the uncertainty around at the moment its easy to develop an enduring anxious or low mood with feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness, poor sleep, low appetite and decreased motivation - you may have a significant (but treatable) mental illness. 
- can trigger chronic illness and worsen chronic disease, increase pain and may result in suicidality and addiction if left unresolved 
- our integrated healthchecks identify the triggers and aim to work with you to put together a plan for recovery and restoration of your best self 
- unprocessed trauma can play a part and sometimes Psychological therapy can heal old hurts to release you into a better place. 
Tension at Home 
- can cause emotional exhaustion and mental illness. Often due to lack of time invested to maintain key relationships, financial concerns and challenges of working while dealing with other demands from children and carer roles. 
- our social review helps focus on solutions to improve your home life and relationships 
Tension at Work 
- current tension with returning to the workplace can create toxic environments or conflict between employer and employees 
- lack of boundaries WFH mean longer hours and can lead to an "always online" culture which leaves little room for your rest and recovery needs 
- long covid, unemployment and redundancy may have caused havoc in your career or life plans 
- we work closely with our psychologist to give you the tools to perform well and know how to manage demands and expectations - to grow and thrive. 
Lack of Sleep 
- modern life has resulted in a pandemic of sleep deprivation  
- adequate sleep is required to restore and reset your mind body emotions and spirit 
- adrenal fatigue 
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