Covid the gloves are off. Today I turn 44, you’ve tried to ruin everything I hold dear, so I wrote you an update on my birthday to tell you what happened to the things you threatened: 
My family time: we went online and saw more of our wider family - you gave us hilarious zoom birthday gatherings, Thank-you! 
My children’s education: we home educated and found joy in spending more time with our three children at a crucial time in their development and connected with their needs like never before. 
My ability to help people as a doctor : we took our clinic online and reached out with home visits to Birmingham and video doctor, menopause and psychology consultations to the whole UK. 
My mission: we took to the airwaves in collaboration with other experts to bring positive coping strategies, mental heath maintenance and prevention of chronic disease advice to more people in one webinar than I might see in a week of clinic 
My friends: we reconnected with old friends and had great Saturday quizzes which we have to thank you for! We mourned with those who lost loved ones or jobs and celebrated with those who overcame against the odds. 
My faith: challenging times of uncertainty and seeing small miracles on a daily basis have deepened and strengthened my faith in a loving God who cares about this planet and all people everywhere. 
My community: our relationships with neighbours strengthened due to weekly clapping chats over the street and in seeing how kind people are in random acts. 
My Church: you stopped us gathering but now we reach beyond the city limits by YouTube services; we took time to pray and then act, reaching out with a food bank and calls to the lonely sending out messages of hope and blessing - I've got to thankyou COVID as you gave us the motivation to create free online video counselling for those with mental health needs. 
My City: COVID sorry to say you forgot we are the city of a thousand trades - Birmingham has a buzz of innovation and hope around it now and we have much to look forward to: we know we will rise again to host the Commonwealth Games in 2022 and lead the country into a thriving economy again 
My Country: we pulled together to celebrate and support our key workers - we now value carers healthcare staff and refuse collectors like we always should have- we battened down the hatches and the wise obeyed the rules, protecting the NHS for those who need it most. 
My Government: Our leaders haven’t always got it right and you took them by surprise but they came out fighting so COVID know this - you’ve put Brexit into perspective and you now know what we - a nation of inventors and shopkeepers are capable of - so back off and die while we sensible people stick to the rules. We small business owners owe a debt of gratitude for the generous rescue package prompted by you. Watch out COVID because we are all strengthening our immunity with better nutrition, walks in the woods and more exercise while we take a new perspective on avoiding chronic disease and conquer your effects like we did other pandemics through history; you may be winning the fight on the beaches, but we will win the war. 
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On 28th May 2020 at 22:14, Paul Cadman wrote:
Bravo 👏 captures our mindset really well !
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