Health Pyramid 

The Spiritual pinnacle offers strength, meaning and purpose arising from core beliefs and values resonating with the other areas of health when in dynamic equilibrium. Low spiritual wellbeing can lead to low immunity, loss of hope, depression and disease. 
The mind is intimately linked into all areas of health and can promote healing and resilience through positive neurochemical release when mental health is maintained in balance. 
The physical area may show symptoms of underlying stress in the body or lifestyle imbalance, which if unchecked can lead to disease. Physical health is built on the strong foundation of evidence based healthy lifestyle habits. 
The Social area is key in balancing demands of relationships at work and home. A source of wellbeing, enabling good health habits and positivity when maintained but can cause tension if neglected in daily and long term goal setting. 
The Integrated Health Pyramid helps patients and clinicians look at the whole picture and search for common imbalances to tweak in these four health areas which maintain equilibrium. If one area becomes burdened, the other areas are affected and therefore distorted, as each is dynamically linked to the other three. Solutions can be sought by rebalancing these areas in a holistic fashion, thus the pyramid acts as an aide memoir for planning the best health outcomes. 
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