Frequently asked questions (FAQ's) 

What are your opening times? 
You can book a consultation between the hours of 0900-1800 Monday to Friday. From time to time we may offer evening or weekend availability by prior appointment for existing clients, please enquire at 
How do I book an appointment? 
You can book appointments for any of our Services: through our Website or Phone 0121 396 1323. 
When can I book an appointment? 
Information about appointment availability is shown on our Website. Alternatively, you can call on 0121 396 1323 to speak to the team. 
How soon can I book an appointment? 
We offer same day appointments when available, often within 1-2 hours. If you require an appointment even sooner or cannot see the times you need, please call reception on 0121 396 1323 to check availability. You can also choose to book for another time and date that is convenient for you should your preferred time not be available. 
How do I pay? 
We accept most major debit or credit cards as methods of payment. 
When do I need to pay? 
We will ask you to pay for any appointments at the time that you book your appointment. If you are part of an employee benefit scheme between Dr Finlay's and your employer, then your employer will be invoiced. We will take payment for all other Services requested during your appointment or invoice this to your employer. We will ask you to pay for any Partner Services at the time that you ask us to book the Partner 
I have health insurance – does this cover the cost of my appointment? 
Health insurance policies vary widely – please consult your insurance provider for any query regarding your cover. 
Please note you will have to pay for your appointment at the time of the appointment, but we are very happy to provide receipts so you can claim back the cost of your appointment if it is covered by your insurer. Corporate clients may have provisions in please. Please discuss with your employer. 
Will I have a dedicated GP? 
We endeavour to ensure you see the same GP whenever you visit Dr Finlay's. Continuity in the Doctor and Patient relationship is crucial for the best ongoing care. If on occasion your doctor is unavailable, another of our experienced clinicians will be able to help. 
Can I choose a male or female doctor? 
We have both male and female doctors available for you. Please check their availability on our website or call on 0121 396 1323 to enquire. 
What about my registration with my regular GP? 
Registering at Dr Finlay's and seeing one of our doctors does NOT affect your registration at your NHS practice. We recommend that patients maintain their registration with NHS services. We are happy to share your records with you and your NHS GP as appropriate. 
Can I consult your GPs about a long term or chronic health condition? 
Yes, our experienced GPs are skilled in managing both acute and chronic health conditions. As part of the consultation about your chronic health condition our Doctor will discuss with you the options and agree a plan for the onward care and management of the condition – this may be ongoing care of the condition at Dr Finlay's, or with your NHS GP, or as is commonly the case, in a shared management pathway. 
Will my regular GP receive information about my visit? 
When booking a consultation with us you will be asked if you would like to share the details of that appointment with your NHS GP. If you choose this a summary of your consultation will be sent to your regular doctor. Please provide the relevant contact details for us to do this. 
How long is my first appointment? 
For your first visit we advise booking a New Patient 20-minute appointment with the Doctor in order to get to know you and review your medical history. 
How long is a standard appointment? 
Our standard GP appointment is 20 minutes. This enables the GP to consult and discuss one specific issue appropriately. If you feel like you need a more detailed discussion, a longer slot would be advised. 
What happens if I need more time? 
If during the consultation further health needs are identified additional 15-minute extensions will be offered if the schedule allows at cost as per fees. If there is no immediate availability, alternative times will be offered. 
When should I arrive for my appointment? 
We ask patients to arrive 10 - 15 minutes prior to the appointment to carry out a patient welcome and ensure we have all necessary information before your consultation. Please provide your information on first attendance. 
Do you provide a walk in or Emergency Service? 
We do not provide a walk-in appointment service, please call the clinic in advance to book your appointment, or book via the website. 
Same day appointments are usually available if you need to see a GP that day. 
Do you do referrals? 
Yes. We can refer internally to our highly skilled team as well as to our network of external preferred providers or a clinician of your choice. Please ask the doctor for more details. 
I need to rearrange my appointment. What should I do? 
Please call reception on 0121 396 1323 as soon as you can. Although we try to remain flexible, if an appointment is cancelled at short notice then the Cancellation Policy will apply. 
What is the cancellation policy? 
Please rearrange your appointment if possible. However, if you are unable attend at short notice then the following policy applies: 
- Full refund if cancelled more than 48 hours in advance 
- No refund if less than 48 hours 
What if I need tests or investigations? 
• A full range of blood tests and other laboratory tests are available at the clinic. 
• We also offer other investigations such as ECGs. 
• If X rays or scans are required we can organise these at your choice of private provider. 
What happens if I need surgical Treatment or vaccination? 
If you decide to receive surgical Treatment or vaccination, then we will explain the Treatment to you and any risks involved. We will always give you time to ask us questions about the Treatment. When you are satisfied that your questions have been answered in a way that you understand, we will ask you to sign a Consent Form. We will not provide you with any invasive Treatment without a Consent Form. 
How will I receive my Results? 
When we carry out a test that does not produce instant Results, we will ask how you would like to receive your Results. If you do not specify how you would like to receive particular Results then we will send you your Results using your previously stated Preferred Method(s) of Contact. If you would prefer to receive your Results in a different way, then you will need to let us know at the time of receiving the relevant test. 
How much will I have to pay? 
The price that you pay for the Service(s) you receive will be the price for that Service stated in our Standard Prices. The Standard Prices are available on our Website and at our Clinics. Unless a Promotion applies, our Services will be charged in accordance with our Standard Prices. Partner Services are not covered by our Standard Prices. If we recommend a Partner Service to you then we will let you know the cost of the Partner Service when we make the recommendation, including what the cost will cover. However, please always read any terms that our Partners provide to you as these will apply to the services you receive from our Partners Services or invoice your employer. We will only ever charge you for Partner Services booked through us. If you book services directly with one of our Partners then you will need to pay for these services directly with them. 
Does a Promotion apply? 
From time to time, we might offer a Promotion. Promotions may be advertised on our Website, in our Clinics or elsewhere. If we offer a Promotion then we may publish separate terms with that Promotion, which will explain how the Promotion works, what the Promotion covers, and whether and how you can use it. If you wish to use a Promotion then you will need to agree to the related terms. If you have any questions about Promotions then please ask us. 
What Services do you provide? 
We publish a list of our Services that are available on our Website and at our Clinics. The Services may be updated from time to time, so please check our Website to see our up to date list. 
Do your offer sick notes? 
Yes, we can issue you a sickness certificate following a consultation if the Doctor deems appropriate. These are provided at a cost. Please enquire at 
Do you offer medical reports? 
Yes, these can be arranged in person or via your employer. Please enquire at for more information. 
Do you prescribe controlled medications? 
Our policy is not to prescribe controlled drugs. 
Do you provide prescriptions 
We provide private prescriptions, rather than an NHS prescription. This is unlikely to cost significantly more than an NHS prescription cost, and in some cases, is less. Please be aware that prescriptions cannot be issued to new patients without a GP consultation.  
Do you do repeat prescriptions? 
Yes, we can offer repeat prescriptions. Please speak to the doctor during your consultation for more information, usual fees apply. 
Do you dispense medication? 
Yes we work with our courier to offer prescription item delivery. Please speak to the doctor during your consultation for more information 
Do you offer vaccinations? 
We may offer a comprehensive range of vaccinations on request for domestic and travel purposes, however these are affected by availability and pandemic restrictions. Please enquire at 
Video Calls 
How do I make a video call? 
You can speak to a GP using either a laptop or iPhone or Android smartphone or webcam enabled device. We will send you a link via text or email which will take you directly to our video interface. 
Please be ready at your appointment time to receive video connection on a suitable device and ensure you have adequate data, power and signal (Wi-Fi or 4G is best). 
Please make sure you are in a quiet and private location where you can discuss your confidential health needs without interruption or disturbance. 
What happens if I lose connection? 
If connection is lost we will endeavour to reconnect and ensure your safety and medical continuity, reverting to telephone if necessary. It’s vital to provide us that you provide an alternative contact number on signup to allow for this. 
If technical failure occurs on your part during a booked video consultation, this will be deducted from the consultation time. However, you may book additional time if the schedule allows.  
I can’t find the answer to my question 
We are happy to answer any queries you may have so please call us on 0121 396 1323 or email at 
We appreciate your feedback as it helps us recognise the work of our dedicated team and identify areas where there is room for improvement. If you have any feedback for us, including any complaints about our Services, please call us using our on 0121 396 1323 or email us at If you do not wish to speak to us you may contact the parliamentary health ombudsman or the Independent Sector Complaints Adjudication Service (ISCAS) Helpline on 0345 015 4033. Our complaint policy is available on request from 
Contact with other healthcare professionals and agencies 
We will not share information with anyone unless you have given us your consent to do so (e.g. for the purposes of a referral). We reserve the right to share information if there is an overriding clinical risk, legal or safety reason to do so. In some cases, we may need your permission to obtain your medical records from your NHS GP or other clinicians in order to provide you with care, Services and/or Treatment.  
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